4 Tips to Keep Calm During your Driving Theory Test UK

Taking your Driving Theory in the UK can be a hugely stressful experience but these 4 tips are designed to give you some great advice on how to stay calm and be as relaxed as possible through the whole test.

1) Make sure you’re prepared. Read through all your notes, make your own notes on points that you think you may forget and do as many practice theory tests as you can. This will show you the kind of questions that are asked and the format they’re in, and if you’ve done plenty of practice tests then taking your actual Driving Theory test will seem very easy indeed.

2) Rest and get a good night’s sleep the night before your driving theory test. The better you’ve slept the more able to concentrate you’re going to be, and this will help you to perform much better. Try to have an early night and leave yourself plenty of time to get to the test center so you’re not stressed about the journey there.

3) Make sure that you’ve done as much hazard perception test practice as possible. The hazard perception test is a hugely important part of the driving theory test in the UK, and if you’ve done a lot of practice then you’ll feel more confident about it. Many people have a tendency to get stressed while taking the hazard perception part of the test and click for hazards before they even appear, so keep a calm, collected head and concentrate fully.

4) If you’re struggling with a question, remember that one question isn’t going to make you fail if you do get it wrong. You have plenty of time to take your test, and you can always come back to a certain question if you can’t think of the answer straight away. If you really don’t know the answer, then make the best guess that you can and move onto the next question. Don’t let the thought of one wrong answer ruin your concentration for the rest of the test- you can get a question wrong and still pass the test! The Driving Theory test in the UK covers a huge amount of material, and most people get at least a few questions wrong when they take it.

Taking your Driving Theory test in the UK is always going to be daunting, but the more relaxed and prepared you are, the better you’re going to do in it. Try to enjoy it as best you can!