Tips for Staying Calm in Your Driving Theory Test

Preparing to sit your Driving Theory Test can be a stressful time, but the most important thing you will need to do is to keep calm throughout your test so you can be sure that you do the best possible job. If you are calm and relaxed, you will find the test a lot easier!


Make sure that you have studied and prepared for the test, and if there are any points that you know you’re not as good with then take some notes on these points with you. You can study them up until the moment that you enter the exam, and they will be fresh in your mind. Do ensure that you have covered each part of the theory you need to learn well in advance of the exam – the better prepared you are, the more relaxed you will be!

Practice Deep Breathing

While you are sitting your Driving Theory Test, if you feel yourself getting stressed and anxious then take a few minutes break and breathe deeply. Deep breathing will help to slow your heart rate down and will help you to focus your mind more on the task at hand. You will have plenty of time to complete the Theory Test, so don’t worry about taking a couple of minutes to compose yourself and regulate your breathing as this will ultimately help you to choose the correct answers with a clear mind.

Practice the Hazard Perception Test!

One component that seems daunting in the driving theory test is the Hazard Perception part of the module – the more practice you have given yourself beforehand, the easier you will find this. The main mistake people make when sitting the Hazard Perception module is clicking too quickly as they get nervous, and don’t want to miss a hazard. However, if you keep calm, work on your breathing and remember to relax as much as possible, you will perform much better on this test. Copious amounts of practice beforehand will set your mind at rest that you understand the system and the test you are taking, and this will help you to stay a lot more calm while you are sitting the exam.